10 Aluminium Foil Containers Benefits

1. Alimentar containers are safe barriers against bacteria and contamination when its material is the aluminium foil!

2. Aluminium foil containers can go directly from the fridge to the oven or microwaves, while keeping the food in appropriate conditions!

3. Aluminium foil containers price is so low they are considered as disposable, without the need of cleaning!

4. Aluminium is the most common mineral on Earth and 100% recyclable, being environmental friendly as opposed to plastic.

5. Aluminium recycling requires only 5% of the virgin production process, contributing to a better environment.

6. There are produced 7 billion aluminium foil containers annually worldwide. Embal produces over 50 million!

7. As an outstanding thermic conductor, aluminium heats and freezes to the current temperatura in seconds, making containers safer!

8. Aluminium foil containers protect food from light and do not pass own properties, becoming the recommended containers for food!

9. Aluminium foil containers are stable and thin, allowing for better modulation and ease of transportation!

10. Aluminium foil containers are produced by Embal – they could not be in better hands!