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The Company

Embal is known as a leader company in the production and commercialization of aluminium packaging in Portugal, having its headquarters and factory in Vila Nova de Gaia. Its foil containers are used by the most diverse takeaways, restaurants, pastry shops and industries across Portugal, as well as in some places in Europe, Africa and South America.

PME Líder

Embal was designed as “PME Líder” (SME Leader) in 2014, which is a quality stamp attributed to distinguish the merit of SMEs in Portugal, whose performance is better than the average. This prize confirms the solidity, quality and work developed by Embal throughout its history, being considered by its clients as a reliable and always available supplier.

The Team

Embal owes its success to 24 elements, gathering over 35 years of experience in this market – something very hard to spot. Efficiency and care are good attributes to characterise this team, who is the responsible to turn aluminium into superior quality packaging ready to help you in your business.

Product Development

Embal works with its clients through strict relations. This allows the creation of collaborative partnerships, with the opportunity to adapt and produce containers with the most customized requirements from its clients. From products used to support industries, until the high demand market of restaurants, Embal is very experienced in this area.

Contact us

Rua da Mina, 727
4410-269 Canelas

T: +351 227 112 253
F: +351 227 124 083
E: geral@embal.pt